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Lëtzebuerger online dictionnaire : Luxembourgish-English & French, German, Portuguese dictionary (+ audio) (Ministère de la culture)

Luxdico : Luxembourgish-French dictionary

Klengen dictionnaire Franséisch-Lëtzebuergesch : small French-Luxembourgish dictionary (2000) [PDF]

Lexique français-luxembourgeois for cross-border workers (2010) [PDF]

Letzlearn (YouTube): usual phrases (video)

Infolux : Luxembourgish family names, atlas

Eis Virnimm : Luxembourgish first names

Eis Uertschaftsnimm : offical & Luxembourgish names of communes

Luxembourgish dictionaries

Luxemburger Wörterbuch : Luxembourgish-German dictionary (1950-70)

Wörterbuch der luxemburgischen Mundart : Luxembourgish-German dictionary (1906)

Lexicon der luxemburger Umgangsprache : Luxembourgish-French-German dictionary by Jean-François Gangler (1847) or another scanned version
or Google book

Luxemburgischer Sprachatlas : Luxembourgish linguistic atlas

Luxembourgish language : Luxembourgish course, vocabulary & usual phrases (video)

Infolux : phonetics

Luxogramm : Luxembourgish verbs

Lëtzebuergesch léiere mat mp3 : Luxembourgish course, texts & audio files (ville de Luxembourg)

Quattropole : Luxembourgish course, useful expressions (+ audio) (free registration required)

Spellchecker : spell checker, correction of spelling and grammar errors

Petite grammaire luxembourgeoise : Luxembourgish grammar, by Francis André-Cartigny (1996)

Parlons luxembourgeois : Luxembourgish course, by François Schanen

Portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg : the languages

About languages in Luxembourg (2008)

Conseil fir d’lëtzebuerger sprooch (Council for the Luxembourgish language)

orthographe : spelling, official text & pronunciation of Luxembourgish

Introduction à l’orthographe luxembourgeoise [PDF] by François Schanen & Jérôme Lulling (2003) (in French or in Luxembourgish )

D’Lëtzebuerger Schreifweis : Luxembourgish spelling & phonetics, by François Schanen (2013)

Eng kleng Hëllef fir Lëtzebuergesch ze schreiwen : spelling rules (2001)

Actioun Lëtzebuergesch : association for the promotion of Luxembourgish

Eng Klack fir eis Sprooch : monthly column

studies about the Luxembourgish language, by Peter Gilles

Luxembourgish (2017)

Luxembourgish phonetics (2012)

Codification and implementation of spelling norms in Luxembourgish , from status to corpus

Phonological domains in Luxembourgish (2011)

Linguistica luxemburgensia : about the Luxembourgish language

Grammatik der areler Mundart : grammar of the dialect of Arlon, by Alfred Bertrang (1921)

Die luxemburger Mundart , ihre Bedeutung und ihr Einfluss auf Volkscharakter und Volksbildung, by Nicolas Gredt (1871)

Die Sprache der Luxemburger by Peter Klein (1855)

books & papers about the Luxembourgish language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia
| Wikipedia


RTL in Luxembourgish & listen online

Eis Sprooch

100,7 : online radio

Texts & Literature

Dictionnaire des auteurs luxembourgeois : Dictionary of the Luxembourgish writers

Essai sur la poésie luxembourgeoise : the Luxembourgish poetry, by Félix Thyes (1854)

Spâss an iérscht , liddercher a gedichten: songs & poems, by Michel Lentz (1873)

D’Letzerberger (De Feierwon)

Ons Hémécht

Glossar : Luxembourgish-German glossary

Ons Heemecht : anthem of Luxembourg

D’Evangelium op lëtzbuergesch : the Gospels in Luxembourgish

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All Mënsch kënnt fräi a mat deer selwechter Dignitéit an dene selwechte Rechter op d’Welt.
Jiddereen huet säi Verstand a säi Gewësse krut an soll an engem Geescht vu Bridderlechkeet denen anere géintiwwer handelen.

Universal-Deklaratioun vun de Mënscherechter : translation in Luxembourgish (+ audio)

-> First article in different languages

-> Universal Declaration of Human Rights : bilingual text in Luxembourgish, English…

Some Luxembourgish words
moien !hello! good morning! (cf. German: Morgen)
äddi !good bye! (cf. French: adieu)
wéi geet et ?how are you?
mir geet et guttI’m well

merci !thank you!
kuff d’schmull !shut up!
ech schwätzen LëtzebuergeschI speak Luxembourgish
Luxembourg – Lëtzebuerg

Luxembourg : maps, symbols, heritage & documents

-> French – German – Dutch

-> Franconian languages

-> Germanic languages

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