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my application is still under consideration

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What does "Under Consideration" mean on my Amazon job status?

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5 Answers

Mark Neuhausen

Mark Neuhausen , former Worldwide Corporate IT centralized support and ops at Amazon (2013-2015)

It is better than Reviewed, Not Selected and similar to Under Review. You can stay in that status for months and then see the position disappear. Or just stay in that status. There are many posts on the Internet about the inaccuracies in the Amazon jobs dashboard. Some groups also keep a requisition open in hopes of finding a great candidate and are not actually hiring. Dashboard hygiene is not pushed.

Deborah Griffitts Hining

Deborah Griffitts Hining , Author

It means they havent hired anyone yet and you are still in the running. Take it as a good sign. You will know it when they decide on you or someone else. Good luck!

Arif Rumel

Arif Rumel , CEO (2013-present)

How long has it said that? I was "under consideration" a couple times only to call them up in a week and find that the position had been filled. They wont tell you that you didnt get the job, you are just one of the eight required qualifying applicants.

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Mandy Louise

Mandy Louise , Course Creator at Career Writing Academy

This means you’ve been shortlisted, so congratulations! The next step depends on HR, and may be an interview or an in-house review board.

Kapil Adatiya

Kapil Adatiya , Business Analyst at Amazon (2016-present)

It means your Resume is being reviewed by HR team. If you are fit for the position, you should get a call soon. (Or you must have received it already)

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Feb 24, 2012

1 month since interview. Firm says I’m still “under consideration”

hardinthepaints picture
hardinthepaint IB
Rank: Monkey | banana points 35

Interviewed with an MM PE firm about a month ago and have followed up a couple of times and have just been told to hang tight because they’re still interviewing a few kids.

Do I still have a chance? They’ve told me that all decisions will be made by the end of February, but with 4-5 weeks having gone by how am I looking? They’ve touched base with me and have been super nice about it, saying that they’re sorry it’s taking so long and not to forget about them but the wait is just driving me crazy.

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Comments (4)


Feb 24, 2012 – 7:56pm
    • WestCoastDevelopers picture
    • WestCoastDeveloper
    • RE

    • Rank: King Kong
    • | banana points 1,940

I interviewed for a MM PE as well in november. They have been telling me the exact same thing. Not exactly holding my breath. Even got a phone call from my interviewer in late December telling me another month.

What firm? Feel free to pm me

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Feb 24, 2012 – 8:52pm
    • Ukons picture
    • Ukon
    • PE

    • Rank: Senior Orangutan
    • | banana points 403

You are still under consideration. You did a fine job but were not good enough to convince them to give you an offer immediately. That is why they would like to see a few more candidates to check out if there are more qualified ppl in the applicant pool. If they figure out you are the best after interviewing several other kids, you will get the offer. Otherwise, you will not.

I had similar exp with a HF last year and they extended me an offer two months after my final round. By then, I’ve already signed with some other place. So advice is to move on and keep interviewing at other places. There is nothing much that you can do at this moment.

Good luck.

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Feb 24, 2012 – 10:36pm
    • ThaVanBurenBoyz
    • ThaVanBurenBoyz
    • PE

    • Rank: King Kong
    • | banana points 1,595

Could just be that they’re fundraising, and they’re waiting to hit a certain hurdle in that process to give an offer. Even if they have the candidate they want picked out, sometimes firms will still wait until that hurdle is hit to even give a verbal.

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Mar 2, 2012 – 5:31pm
    • hardinthepaints picture
    • hardinthepaint
    • IB

    • Rank: Monkey
    • | banana points 35

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