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Fundraising Fetes and Fairs


All the fun of the fair
On your own village green.

Roll up….Roll up its time for the annual Summer Fete. The most important event in the fundraisers calendar.

The weatherman has promised a sunny day. The marquee has been booked,
The raffle tickets ordered. The refreshments team are debating the money
making potential of Victoria Sponge over Battenburg.
But wait how can we make our annual jamboree:

Fete Ideas
  • A bit more fun
  • A bit more interesting
  • A bit more profitable

The answer of course is check out all the fete and fair pages.

Listed below are all sorts of ideas especially for use at village fetes and fairs. All these brilliant stall ideas are really easy.

We show you exactly what you need to do to make them a success and squeeze that extra bit of juice out of each one!

So whether its Gypsy Rose Lee, a Welly Wanger or a Coconut Shy you’re
after we guarantee you will find some brilliant  ideas for your fete
right here…….

Cake Stall - Summer Fair
Chicken Chucking

Balloon Fundraisers

Cake Stall

Chicken Chucking

Coconut Shy

Coconut Shy

Coin Related Games

Cotton Candy

Count the Candy
Crockery Smash Fundraiser
Cow Patty Bingo

The Candy

Crockery Smash

Cow Patty Bingo

Dart Games for Fundraising Events
Double Decker Fundraiser
Ferret Racing

Darts Games

Double Decker

Ferret Racing

Fortune Cookie Fundraisers
Fun Fortune Telling
Fundraising Buttons

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Telling

 Badges & Buttons

Go Kart Derby
Golden Egg Fundraisers

Go Kart Derby

Golden Egg


Human Fruit Machine
Lucky Birthdays Fundraiser
Fundraising with Nintendo Wii

Fruit Machine

Lucky Birthdays

Nintendo Wii

Fundraising with Kids Bikes
Kids Competitions for the Summer Fair
Papaer Airplane Fundraisers

Kids Bikes

Kids Competitions

Paper Aeroplanes

Popcorn Fundraiser
Snail Racing
Spaceh Hopper racing

Popcorn Fundraiser

Snail Racing

Space Hopper Racing

Splat the rat
Terrier racing

Splat The Rat

Terrier Racing


Teddy Tombola
Trash and Treasure
Summer Fair Treasure Map

Teddy Tombola

Trash & Treasure

Treasure Maps

Welly Wanging
Fundraising Stocks
Worm Charming

Welly Wanging

Wet Sponge Wipeout

Worm Charming

Fete Stall Ideas

Misc Simple Ideas

fete decoration
Lyme Regis Carnival Duck Competition

Lyme Regis Carnival Duck Competition

Your ideas for Fetes and Fairs.
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